Zakir Hossain1


1 PhD, Associate Professor , Britannia University Bangladesh. Founder Vice Chancellor of University of Sciences and Technology Chittagong, and the Dean of Faculty of Business Administration.








Discrimination; injustice; Crime; hypocrisy; abuse, feminism; court;



Forces of Injustices is a topic focuses on issues and factors of crimes and injustices having profound thoughts of discussion.  The study has clarified valuable implications and some overlaps between issues of inter –related fields within justices fields of study.  The final phase of analysis has reached its decisions on findings which indicate the true aspects of contexts in which injustices and crimes abound in places of services include legal courts, administrative offices and cells of forces.  Impacts and influences of feminism policies and rules devastate the fair, just policies of law and deliberate forms of discriminations against males are enforced by the feminists’ rules nationwide and abuse or misuses of law and opportunity are vastly manipulated. The findings also suggest that such institutional ill forms of treatments agitate social peace stability and cause nascent state of injustices lacking in presence of a competent leader. 




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Forces  of injustices are not very obsolete terms , it has various forms of uses from time to  time   as the world and society are being changed on and on . It is here an allegorical use and  the meaning and reality are being paralleled.  However, the underlying significances indicate that injustices which are begotten by some forces are bearers of criminality, which are reared by the ruling class and law makers.  There are many sorts of injustices committed by people in almost all society but some forms of crimes or injustices are so horrid and hidden that are not detected by the innocent hapless class of people.   Rationality, reason, logic, conscience are supreme forms of  wisdom and humanity and  these words symbolize some places of  justices and  human safety and  these days of dark rules mean to be opposite ones.  The world is experiencing in the worst crisis of injustices and discrimination which are being  common for the most vulnerable people . This writing may awake the scruples of a minority class of sagacity who are not in power to protect the trodden ones but they can still stir the world of justice which is only means of shelter for millions of helpless people.  No one seems to heed to any lament of anguish. People only look for own interest and gain.  Injustices are almost vogue everywhere because crimes and terrorism are very regular practices.  Injustices become so regular and routine issues that are not having seriousness and gravity.   Rare some ones of real empathic hearts can hear the cries.  Injustices committed by individual persons or criminal or gangs are some categories , these   rarely happen and have some  responses and  results in society but injustices which are  committed by institutional forces publicly nationwide are  horrific and terrible.  Institutional crimes and injustices are supported, promoted, created by a class of social human species who are deadly poisonous are also volatile to strike on the innocent poor people.   This writing  aims to clarify some worst sorts of injustices are spread out and reared by  some  policy makers in the country - Bangladesh where last  nearly 30 years have passed in night mare of coups, assassinations, murders, alien aggressions and intrigues, intrusions on  her lands , dominated foreign rules due  to absences of an ideal true leader .  The scenarios of crimes and injustices are depicted in the writing basing on so many incidents and reports that are imperishable witness and evidences which stand as true voices of sufferers.  The trends of any whims of the powerful class are so absolute that   millions of human lives flow away in the tide of sham, indifferent careless look of elite class, no God or  Allah or Devota or Avatar appears to save the  sufferers.  Bangladesh has nearly 17 crore of people who are mainly or mostly superstitious, prone to crimes, selfish, egoistic, pedantic ,  sham,  artificial, showy, arrogant and fanatic  in behavior. They are involved in any sort of crime provided they assume to be gainers.   The government of Bangladesh is so fragile and frail , it cannot  maintain  security, safety , fair justice systems, different layers leaderships,  fair  employment,  law and order policy, forces control, and political disorder and chaos. As a result the country  confronts enormous crisis in  managing law policy which is purely based on feminism  due to  feminist  so called leaders work for last 30  years  who were and are tails and inheritors of the  past leaders. Inherited power and laws are automated to make some one as a king or queen in the country either fool or clown. The problems in the topic are huge . The writing must not focus on huge areas of crimes and discrimination but it will mainly study in core and central points of injustices related to gender and politics. The Justices systems in the country collapse drastically, the policies in law practices look to be imbalanced and biased mainly. Fair treatments by legal authority towards male class are disparate and unjust. This writing is not purely based on legal referential approach. This section suggests that the structure of the study will be depending on scientific methods including research methods, analysis, findings, literature review and methods of the study  are followed.





Literature review sections deals with many realistic issues of injustices are taken places in various institutions like courts, schools, college, administrative departments,  police custody, administrative  offices and the parliament itself.  Bangladesh has been governed by the feminist leaders for last nearly 30 years. It introduced many policies, laws, rules and media cultures heavily based on feminism cultures exported from the western societies and UN agencies with projects of women empowerments .  Ministry, departments of various offices of governments make policies which are favorable to  only women who can mould their power or decisions as their whims or caprice.  The key positions are prime Minister, Speaker, two Oppositions Leaders are all women . And many more in the ministries as Ministers and Secretaries work as women in the country have serious negative impacts on national development and justice systems.

Women in Bangladesh are now much educated and well supported with jobs and facilities. Their educations facilities are top priority meaning their free education upto Master’s level are incredible and huge. The male students have no facilities from the inception of education and appearance in  rules of feminism. Females’ teachers are inundated in schools and many colleges where feminism and its influences are apparent. Control on students for decadence, degeneration, vices, immoral issues are loose. Boys students don’t care female teachers. The national texts are crammed with feminist cultures and ideology. The backbone of nation is youth community who are made addicted, frustrated, ignorant, thieves and terrorists. Males education is lagging behind due to serious discrimination against boys.  Girls schools or colleges are being built on and on but extra male schools or colleges are not made in proportionate ways. Girls students pass the examination in any levels with good results without good quality of writings. They do not need any quality education easily get the certificates. Certificates for girls are readymade in governments’ institutions like national university, colleges, and schools.   Boys become thugs, and day labors due to lack of opportunities. Government publicly shows that they support all boys and girl and they bring funds in the names of both sexes but  they deprive male students of their rights which are misused and they use for girls purposes. The public do not know inside facts which are retained hidden and clandestine by the female heads, directors in  central offices and  district levels.

Once women attempt any entry tests or jobs tests, they are welcome and enter without any hard efforts while boys or males face tremendous pressures and unemployment crisis in the whole country.  Men support family of 3 to 10 members for financial provisions but females earn money to ensure their dress, cosmetics, lipsticks, and luxuries of other sorts, these are reality. Many women do not like work , some 20% like cushy jobs,  some  40% are worthless cannot do any work seriously but they can do only half done or messed up ways.  Some 5% women earn to support real family pressures. Others are dependent either on husband or father or brother or lover and enjoy care free lives with utmost relax.  They work in positions like receptionists, clerk, teachers, operators, assistant mangers, and heads or managers 20%  who are mainly supported by their male colleagues for performances.  They do not work in risky , dangerous and threatening positions like drivers, fishery, digging, constructions,  plants of chemicals, at the bottoms of seas, ships, farmers,  building works, masons, welding, carpeting, butchers, cooks, chefs, which are mainly mean 96%  men who lose their lives very early .  Family cooking are done by 60% women now a days.  Child care are taken by women are 80% .  These issues of work vary in the western countries and some in Asia. In the western countries 40% women work in administrative mid level positions.   Many government positions are held by women can do nothing but enjoy only benefits of salary.  Output is poor.  The developments of the country suffer hugely , lacking in skilled workers for productive places. Women are doing well in garments industries in some position like mid level, lower mid and lower level positions.  Many surveys or statistics based on women organizations lie about the real scenarios of real contributions made by women to the industry or work places. Women get many high levels positions like Magistrates, Police super, Judges, Heads, Directors by the systems of quotas and influences of feminist’s leaders.  These position held by women deliberately aim to discriminate and harass male class  without right issues of problems.  Majority males in power are made eunuch and silent, women officers  choose the frail males for some high positions in contexts of  nationalism, knowledge, honesty, leadership and patriotism so that women can supervise over them. The key position as a puppet prime minister is being used as media of grasping power or position by other surrounding parasites as fellow politicians.  General notions of people in the country that half  its population are women who can contribute equally to the development of the country but in reality out of  100 %  women in total population  only 10 % economically contribute to the nation , 60% to the family work , 20 % do nothing and 10 % women are variable. The government is deceptive in this notion of empowering women.

Women are major participants in sex uses either legal or illegal . It is because women or girls are naturally gifted with facilities of using sexual organs and parts of body . They are pioneers in sex uses.  They can find as many as  men to use  in a day  but men cannot find even one in a day to use sex because women are facilitators for sex organs.  Obviously any invitations to sex uses made by women are easy, leading, and motivational. They are mainly responsible for all sorts of adultery, rapes, teasing, stimulation, flirtation and prostitution. They use all sorts of stimulants like make ups, dress, nude body, mannerism, body language, talk, poses, gestures and chuckles to entrap men or boys and  women tantalize men for sex offer  to run after them for days, and years and exploit men ultimately .  The medias like TV, Movies and drama are using women and their body to promote them , their  trades of body and gain of money.  Thus women are trained to sell themselves but many boys or men are addicted to such contexts or  spell which lead  men  to either destruction or danger of torture imposed by laws  or forces.  Blackmails or traps made by women are not less or rare. Many top leaders in the USA, Bangladesh, in Arab world were entrapped by women  cannot be ignored.  Rape is a tricky term or process which needs much importance to be implemented. Pretexts or pretension is an ornament of women who love to play around males during the time of orgasm and full stimulation is to be roused for women but men have no patience or control , as a result penetration is an inevitable phase for men to be done . Under these circumstances rape is defined in volatile traits which are totally unreliable.   Gang rapes   must not be accepted in any case except the roles of prostitutions.

Women in NGOs  influence many other places and organizations to promote the term women empowerment, it is so vague , illegal, discriminatory,  destructive and  sham  that society  has undergone many serious crisis and  crux   due to misuse of such term or trick for indulging in undue opportunities for women  are deadly.  Women are in no way equal to men except  human beings who are need  some regular natural tasks and supports .  Human rights are equal rights which should be considered equally but equal rights are not fair term , there are some issues need to be focuses as  competence, quality, knowledge, traits and skills.  Animals must get their rights of living and eating as women do. They must get human rights but not equal rights. Many factors are seriously nil in women’s roles.  Some qualities or skills are held by them but these are not specific in certain demanding areas of tasks. Equal rights can be achieved by merits and performances which are applied ones only. Women talk without clear themes for hours.

NGOs , Projects or UN wings blindly promote women’s  facilities only , they forget that there are men who are human beings too have no supports for them. There are thousands of projects and organizations work for women supports but there is no single organization works for men in the world is a shame for all leaders, professionals and the learned.  The medias or press make people obsessed and enchanted with the notions that women are oppressed, suppressed, and tortured always which in reality are  false.  Mass class or educated class also believes so. No research is done in this regard. Minds and brain of people are washed basing on the same issues of women are innocent or mothers who need supports. Men are emotional and weak to them because of a few factors of relations like love, mother, lover, wife, daughter, and sister. Women misuse and exploit these weakness.  Men are busy with hard work to earn money and feed them or gather money for future supports of family. Women have no serious work to spend on but they fritter away their time promoting feminism, women rights, empowerments depending on husband, father’s funds. These pampering situations are facilitated by many men too who do not think about the impact or consequences al last.  People are seriously involved in discovering all mystery and the planets or bottoms of the oceans but they do not care about the family or society where something are being hellish due to the abuse of power or opportunity given to women. 

Media and press reflect women roles and positions   in distorted pictures in society.  When a case of torture to a woman is found , they show it to the public repetitively hundred times but there are thousands of men and boys are killed or tortured by terrorists and forces in various incidents , the press do not highlight nor  repeat those stories.  These are all happening due to women in thousands promote and  serve for themselves while they are fed and supported by their husbands’  money but spend on  their interest and empowerments.  Men die  struggling for earning money while  women  play  violin or fiddle or  have carnal taste with lover.

Once women used to work for family , caring children / husband or relatives but now a days these are gone , they are much educated, become pedant  and  forget about human quality , they do not think about family or child who is cared  by  nursing  nanny.  The family conditions become changed meaning 60% families are broken without serious issues.  The children are being orphans,  their hearts are  shattered , they do not properly receive  love, care, affection from mother or father.  Women marry men , men marry women through the process of registration .  Women demand security money ( moharana) meaning after divorce they will have the amount .  There is law or rule that  a husband who earns  an amount like 400 dollars in a month , he should pay 10 multiple 400 dollars but at present  women  take 10 times more an amount for security money  which is suggested by the  registrar .  After a few months or  years  that woman manipulates to divorce  the man  and demands the security money. It is a law that woman divorces or he divorces , husband must pay the amount as prescribed earlier. This system becomes trading system for women who repetitively marry and divorce men to earn the amounts.  A man who earns 100 dollars in a month is a day worker who is entrapped to pay 5 /7000 dollars as security money.  This practice is being run and no scrupulous human protests against  this malpractices or corruption is seen , the system is  devouring the major poor class.  This system is encouraged and introduced by feminist leaders who are from various positions enforce these ill cultures.  Islamic rules allow Moharana – security money but not in this proportions of amount which are forms of extortions. Dowry claimed by men from bride were vogue before 30 years but the laws and medias and female rogues use this platform to blackmail males or husbands  and  sue cases against males without true incidents  which may be based on other issues of revenge, profits, greed, adultery, elopement.  These all forms of  social practices become ruse of harassing, torturing helpless people in the country.

Women who are ideal house wives or mothers are 20% who are really women symbolizes women class as angels. Those who are wicked, vicious, evil do not work or can not work for family . There 10% women who are  either mentally maniac  or  sick or  frenzied, or  adulterous  or arrogant are married to  some  men who  become victimized . The parents of those women are responsible for such cases and they fetch destruction to those men intentionally because those men can not control those types of women who make husbands suffer throughout life .  Some kinds of women have relations with paramours and take away all money or assets of husbands to other places or parents home . Finally, many husbands lose all property or funds and ultimately become beggars.

Thousands of tragic incidents relating to female cases either dowry claim ( assumed) by husbands or sexual harassments cases or  torturing wife by husbands appear in the courts . There are four parties are involved in these female related litigation. Woman party, police, NGO, courts and dependent or the accused.  Courts and police treatments in the country are nondescript, pathetic, sad . These places are similar to butchers shops or pandemonium.  The truth is untruth , west is east,  justice is injustice,  right is wrong, false is true, dark is light all happen there due to political , rich and female influences.  Courts are the highest forms of Justice where people take resort and shelters which act as place of God too but  these places become  hells and  the cell of tortures.   Some incidents can be extracted as evidences of human cry , lament, weep and  sigh / sob.  Wars are better than corruption or crimes, death are better than torture.  People never  are empathic who cannot perceive others pain, pang, anguish of heart unless own pain is tasted. 

A woman  named Banu Moti 50 years old works at a school Mosaref Grammar School at Maijdee in Naokhali  as  Assistant  gets taka 3000 means 40 dollars  in a month . She supports a family of 5 persons . It happened in March 2016. Her husband is too old like 60 years old to work and sick as well. Her elder son is a  daily  worker  got married to a woman before 2 years .  In the mean time son’s  life goes not very well due to poverty and demands of wife’s  luxury make  him crazy and quarrel almost continues.  Wife’s relatives who are political thugs instigated her to sue him on the pretexts that he claims dowry and tortures her. It was heard from neighbors that he was tortured by the wife’s relatives twice to return  the TV of  the husband who took away it  for some reasons from wife’s  home. A gang of  wife’s relatives falsified the register of their marriage   and they minted a document  of  marriage  containing an amount of   500000 taka mean 6000 dollars as security money to be paid by the husband means old woman’s son but at first it was 2000 dollars as real and true one.

The wife  lodged a case as suggested by her relatives. Once a case  by a woman against a man goes in police station , police are exalted as their earning sources are cases, arrests, falsifications of  incidents and  suing others are  very good forms of trades.  However, If the case is sued by woman , police or court accepts  it without second thought but if it is male’s one, they normally do not accept the file.  Now the court has the case and dates for appearing in the court came, they  are four without the son who is the main accused was not present . They  were four in the court  appeared before the Judge who saw all issues but decided that  old man and woman must go to jail  and  their son must be present in court  shortly.  It is always regular and routine tasks to send the accused to the jail without  trail or judging right or false case.

After so much solicitation and prayer made by lawyers, old woman was saved but the father means old was put in jail, he was very sick and nearly 60 years old man has nothing to do with the matters of his sons and wife.  The woman spent nearly 1000 taka means 100 dollars  in a day to meet the expenses where as she earns 40 dollars in a month to support the family .  To catch their son or for his fault (may not be),  relative or parents will bear tortures or punishments has  no  human rationality, reason, logic, scruple, and excuse.  It is sheer bestiality , barbaric forms of courts and judgments.  THE SITUATIONs ARE SUFFOCATING for people who cannot  eat three times meal  properly in a day , they can not breathe  with a relief of peace , they are living in a land of  barbarians who publicly torture thousands of poor helpless people without any good reasons. Police and courts are licensed terrorists who without any base, cause, logic can kill and destroy  the innocent mass class.

There are many others stories similar to this or worse than this. A family of lower  class  has four sons . They live in Mirshorai in Chittagong district.  The name is Rupol Amin who is the father of those sons. He is nearly 55 years old and wife is 50 years old.  The immediate senior to the youngest one fell in love with a girl in locality as they study in the same school, they are class 9 students .  After some months or a year they eloped and got married.  The girl was a daughter of a bank manager who was influential sued the boy with his other 7 members of the family including old father and mother claiming that it  was illegal to fall in love with a girl like this whose age 16 years and also marriage was  an offense. It happened in 2005.  The case highly was appreciated by the local police took the case and started to detect the accused. They tortured many members of the family and   the police sometimes stopped harassing when they received some money . After some months they appeared in the court but the couple were still hiding. Not finding the couple the court ordered to send the father and mother to jail and did .  There were not only money spent on situations in the courts but honors of those old parents and relatives were at stake  and spoiled. After some moths the couple were arrested and jailed for some months.  The case has still be continuing to settle the issues of conflicts between the families.  The court of law creates such situations which need to continue for decades, they do not settle the issues of crimes or cases because their earning will be stooped if they solve the cases and declare the verdict.

After three years another incident happened in that same family . The eldest  son who divorced his wife  because of arrogance, disloyalty of his wife and got married to another woman.  Understanding the fact that he got married to a woman , first woman  falsified  documents and using back dates from the marriage of the second one,  described that husband claimed  dowry and tortured her . The court believed the documents and accepted the case and the police started to torture in similar fashion like before.  Husband was put in jail and parents also underwent some critical phases of health due to pressures of court and police torture for money,  and  other demands . Emotional and social factors affected his father and suddenly died .  The incidents caused this family huge amount of money like 10000 dollars and death of a man as well. Besides so many other harms to other members of the family are beyond consideration. The cases continued for 6 years and the first wife claimed security money 5000 dollars which were originally 2000 dollars though were offered and one son became helpless in the middle of  such  separation. The  woman who sued her husband is still  facing enormous misery to lead her life.

Another incident happened in the same village – Jonardonpur at Mirshorai thana.   A  family was very poor , their son and they were illiterate too.  They earn money and live from hand to mouth .  The first son got married to a woman locally 4 kilo meters far from husband home.  The husband is not educated   cannot manage how to lead a life of ease.  His wife was the same partner has more signs of folly and ill temper. They often quarrel and fight in playful manners.  They got married and led a life in a form of a family is not rightly happening .  Poverty, illiteracy and lack of knowledge for managing a family are seriously affecting the mind of the man . Wife is not upto the level to understand how the husband manages the family without enough money . He ran crazy for earning while wife demands her needs. She only knows that her husband must feed her , offer her all she wants , she doesn’t  want to listen to him about any crisis of money.  One night the peak of quarrel rose high and husband stroke her with a bamboo on the head and she died .  The cause of her death was not purely the man alone, the whole circumstances were concentrated on the consequence which led to cause a death of his wife because the burden on the man for earning drove him hurt the wife.   The man and his father with other relatives are in jail . It happened in 20014.


A female teacher in the  Dhaka University teaching in  the department of international Relations had  her husband who was an engineer who used to quarrel and bully his wife. It was 20014 a terrible incident happened.  The man even sometimes hit his wife who was Assist Professor at that department.   It was heard later that she was in adulterous affairs with someone. The idea of the relationship of his wife with other persons was intolerable to the husband  and hit on her eyes, she lodged the case against him as torture. The police arrested him and his relatives. He was sent to jail and the police relentlessly tortured him for which he was admitted to medical cell for prisoners.  However, after a month he was assassinated in the jail finally.  

The burden of managing a family consisting of 5- 8  members depends on a man who struggle , strive, compete, burn in sun, wet in rain to earn some money and feed women who do not want to cooperate , help , support and understand men but busy with ways to sue men.  Many women who are not hail, healthy and sound to marry a man but parents do and ultimately husband is made to drag her, save her scarifying his many wants.   There are thousands of incidents are regular pictures in courts and police station or cells found these stories . The majority cases of females issues are  90% falsified, forged and faked based on personal grudges, revenges, greed of money and conspiracy minted by third parties or relatives or parents of females. No man sues his wife is very rare incident. Men are rational and wise , women are  self centred,  avid, voluptuous, volatile, shallow and showy .  Thousands of children are being orphans or hurt. The courts deal with some set routine systems of laws.  They do not consider human issues. Those Judges are women must discriminate against men who remain behind bar for decades without any fair trials. Many young boys who are naturally impressed and fascinated by beauty of girls love them but they ultimately end up in jail  for love.  Girls are equally responsible for progress on affairs and probable acts of sex are unpunished.  Women are sometimes tortured and killed by some men who have received similar injustices and tortures  by women causes. After having shock or hurt from evil women, some men seek justices from the laws but the laws connive at man’s problems and ultimately they take revenge as murder or torture to women.   Society do not consider girls or  women threats to peace because they are not mighty but they cause all dangers and problems with their  pretexts, and using their emotional outburst as cry, sadness , crocodile tears  as their  weapons of protection .

However, the situations of crisis  are multiples to happen. The laws are favorable to women,  and the courts, police, lawyers encourage woman to get on cases as they are benefited.  Other third parties between them are also benefited by the cases.  Women and their parents get all easy supports from the government without expenses meaning free.  This is very attractive to claim security money if the husband decides to divorce his wife. That woman can be married to another man and she will claim the same afterwards.  These few parties enjoy many benefits doing so but other male part is extremely suppressed and oppressed. This system of  injustice in  courts stand for discrimination publicly towards men  and for the nation as well. The country laws , policies of the ministry are deliberately  biased, disparate and unjust. These criminal activities are publicly dealt nationwide.  General mass are busy with their professional pressures and also have no knowledge about what happening surreptitiously in legal systems of courts.  Political relations and forces in the country are deadly operative and active. They are reared, cultured and trained by external and internal feminist leaders. No competent leader control on the systems of administration, as a result all are leaders, decisions makers, directors of departments, sections of the country.  The whole administration including legal part like courts are dominated by the amateur ill educated, callous administrators who originally do not have feeling, interest and sympathy for the vulnerable poor class of people.  Cases in the courts are mainly two dominating kinds are political and female related issues which are mostly false and baseless.

The lawyers become happy as they run a case for decades. Every date the client appears in the court has to pay to the lawyer or Public Prosecutor.  Ethical or moral sense or thought are out of their minds.  One very silly and funny matter is that the court considers the first party as honest or right one who at first lodges the cases against the second part. If the second party later lodges cases against the east party for any reason, the court considers it as willing intention to harass the Ist party and thus the second one is not the right or honest party. The competition goes on who will lodge the case at first means getting priority.  Any  man or husband wants to divorce for any reasons  faces terrible troubles, for example  a man decides to  send a divorce letter or fix a case for divorce on a  date as on 10/02/2015, the wife party lodges a case of torture against the  man   on 05/02/15 back dated offering bribes and black money to police or court to prove that the woman lodged the case at first and then the husband lodged it, because the first case of wife meaning the importance of the case  becomes  valuable and the second one  gets on normally, the court does not accept the second party case as true one  lodged  later on means the second part wants to take revenge and later lodges a case.   This is trick and deception of accepting back dated case supported by police and court is rampant and nascent in the whole country.   Another serious issue in the court is noticed that the accused is never allowed to speak out in the court , the fact of the case is not clarified , the lawyer  deviates from the right direction to his whim and benefits. The accused party is sufferer ultimately.  The rich and influential class only get rid of all horrors and find  benefits.  What a dark age befell on this nation?

Law makers, media managers and administrators like Police Supers, Public Service Officials, Judges, and Heads of Department of Education in District levels are all females who are obviously interested in suppressing male facilities and positions.  Bangladesh is now one of the top feminists nation in the world even exceeds the ranges of such feminist affairs in those of the UK and Denmark, Canada , Sweden and Spain.  

The election in national referendum or voting time is another issue of unfair and unjust treatment towards the competent male’s class.  Women are selected for local Member of Parliament and Upazilla ( thana)  Chairperson  / Vice Chair  position , and the root level commissioner means member in a Union level .  There is no voting for them , automated process for  selection or election to be  female some one in the  position . There are many competent persons who cannot serve the society due to unjust systems fixed for only  women. There is no any value for merit or skills needed for women. Thus the society goes back and services output are nil ultimately.  Only discrimination is very distinctively placed everywhere. Nearly 100 seats in the Parliament are women members join without any competence and competition.  These are signs of  public slogans of equality, democracy, human rights  but these are all sham, hypocritical, treacherous, illusive, evasive,  deceptive, blood sucking vampires.  The nation is under  the grip of devilish  sorceress . It cannot be tolerated any longer.

In brief   the most criminal intents and acts perpetuated by governments departments and  women groups  are concluded.  It is utterly a sham deceitful society where men are made to undergo hellish horrors on and on .  How are issues and factors in specific areas or fields that are creating those contexts of horror in society can be understood following the problems as :

1-       In the name of boys and girls , donations  and funds are  raised for supporting them  but these are only used for girls in  many countries like Bangladesh and African countries,

2-       Girls students / women are offered free education till degree levels but thousands of boys  can not afford to pay  the fees  as a result they are made thief, robbers and terrorists ultimately,

3-       Govt  high class jobs  are given to women under quota systems  without fit education or competence  where as  talented boys are unemployed and made addicted to drugs, and frustrated who  undergo  utter agony and anxiety .

4-       Only girls colleges or schools are increased continuously but boys schools are not built proportionately in many  regions while boys  numbers  are also increasing ,

5-       Women / girls enjoy all opportunities  and  comforts  without pressures being dependent on father , brother, husband, friends and lovers who incessantly allow women to pamper in riches,

6-       Men  who do all 95 %  risky, dangerous and heavy work like building, constructions, digging, fishing, driving,  farming, producing  materials and foods lose their health and die prematurely,

7-       All funds are offered for women  welfare , promotion of them, empowering  them  and discriminations are deliberately committed to  males in all sections and levels,

8-       Medias promote and supports women with all distorted repetitive images and information are falsified, forged and faked by feminists. One example of any incident happened to women is shown in the medias 100 times as victims and these brain wash innocent people  negatively.

9-       Almost 95% court cases lodged by women against men are false and fake based on sex act, rapes, harassments, tortures, dowry (money) claimed by husband, teasing  are all traps for men .  Though these issues caused by men to women are 5% happen truly .

10-   Courts or Polices do not accept any case made by men against women are utterly biased .

11-   Security money  of  marriage for women given  by men   incredibly  high means a person who do not work has no education can pay 500 dollars but law or court decides nearly 5000 dollars for such person but after a few days  many  women divorce  husbands  claiming  security money are sheer  means and ruse  of  business.

12-   Women as daughter claim father’s property as equal to brothers but failing in gain,  lodge  cases against father or brother  are  new forms of  family war by girls/ women  have begun . 

13-   Women squander  money or property of husbands, brother or fathers for their  luxury, comforts,  cosmetics, dress and  fashions  are   damn wastages and  impoverishing  men.

14-   Women are made Head, Director, Chief and other high ranked positions in departments do nothing ONLY depending on subordinates or colleagues for performances do little output. They get on leave or absence from onus 5 days in a month average and 60 days in a year .

15-   Women nude bodies, half naked dress, flirting , coquettish  behaviors, gimmick  glamour, tantalizing offer of sex   make  youth / men  addicted and  crazy of  passion  are criminal acts but laws and court  ignore these felony  and allow them to be rampant,

16-   Women elope with paramours  holding  husband’s money, property are common adulterous and criminal act,

17-   Women pretend to be lover, wife and friend but victimize and deceive   men  for money,

18-   There are some organizations like  Human Rights , Democracy and Equal Rights  are  all packs of    womanizers and feminists group   worship women’s bottom   forgetting  about  men who  feed them, save them, shelter them , offer them life ,  and also support  women  with all materials and blood, pains, tears and sagacity. 

19-   Women abuse and  misuse  opportunities , references as human  rights ,  forces, and laws for  their sheer  caprice, whim,  passion,  adultery,  luxury and greed of power being idle ,

20-   Women make thousands of children  orphans  shattering their lives into pieces while they quit husbands without any  rational thought and  feeling for children and their lives are such wild,

21-    Govt,  project work  or  law  do not   seem to protect innocent people  from such surreptitious  forms of injustices , crimes and  epidemics  must be preventive measures like injustices can cure injustices, terrorism can curb terrorism are formula.

22-   It is the most diabolic form of govt  that holds a Prime Minister is  women ,  BNP opposite leader  women, Third opposition  leader is women , Parliament speaker is women  are ridiculously funny and tragic.

23-   Most men remain indifferent to women’s  pampering , demands  because they are  spelt bound by  notions that they are weak, innocent,  slave to sex and love   and adoring their  beauty under  illusion but finally men  blood are sucked by these female parasites or vampires are  consciously  devouring innocent survivals. 

24-   Laws and rules against men in women issues are as stern as rock and inhuman,  thousands  of innocent   poor  youth and males remain in jails without trails years after years , their lives end  in  perdition,

25-    Women / girls with disability, disease, coquettishness, insanity which are held hidden  and are married to men who face serious trouble to tackle such women later imperil men’s life .

Examples sited from the western society can be good. Women in the western countries  having illicit relations with many men beget children whose  a real father is  absent or unknown and their  mother  always lies and makes children hate against father who  leaves  his  children  as a father but in reality no father was fixed, as a result children in the western countries hate their father / men generally and  adore mothers.




The issues in the topic Forces of Injustices are addressed and clarified thoroughly and the pursuit for facts are traced down.   I have tried to follow some specific criteria of this study which are indicated below. I identify several types of research approach and strategies which are main to be traced down.  The research approach shows a few issues including inductive or deductive, qualitative be chosen for my research based on the selection of the topic. The research strategies are followed as survey, case studies, explanatory, exploratory, longitudinal,  cross sectional, descriptive are mainly followed accordingly.  There are some research variables or parameters have been identified at some stages . The variables such as independent and dependent variables are important to clarify the sampling results. These variables are also very serious to understand all the interrelated overlapping. Some other issues in variables like extraneous, control, confounded, hypothesis and experimental hypothesis testing variables are slightly followed. The research design and process are followed in the phase.  Literature sources and review are other parts has taken place and  major study  are focused on here.  The research design indicates all other requirements such as data collection, and analysis. Data interpretation has been done in  the final  stages where finding of the research  become clear and presented . However, there is another issue that is research ethics were maintained thoroughly while conducting the study.




The topic is a serious one in terms of social peace stability. The  facts are referred to this writing are not exaggerated nor distorted. All maters  are written with care and integrity and caution.  The crimes or injustices perpetrated by the forces mean various agents in different contexts of life are depicted accurately and the worse crisis regarding male and female issues are seen in reality but here not many evidences are extracted due to space and size of the topic limitation. It is very wide and complicated topic for analysis. People do not heed to this area of social problems because majority people in any society are weak to women either as sister or wife or lover or daughter but these men’s innocence are  misused by them unduly.  The language, vocabulary, sentences and contexts mentioned here are sometimes seem to be vulgar or rustic or rude , these are needed to represent the real scenarios of the incidents. Those words can express real meaning .  Refined lenient sense of  language using  reduce the gravity and importance in real facts.  People do not heed to any common pattern of situations, if there is colossal devastation,  people pay attention to the contexts.   This writing has serious appeal to sensitive terms of legal institutions, sound of meaning in statements look to be aggressive but those sense are relevant and required for interpretation.  Many more complex incidents which are available in the courts can not be included in this study due to wider analysis that is not possible here. 




It has been concluded that the topic is  Forces of injustices replete with enormous issues of crimes, corruption and discrimination.  From various angles discussions have focused on major problems and thrusts. The professional roles and onus held by women in education, law, forces, Judges, administrators have been seen well. The courts functions and operations with the police roles are clarified. NGOs and projects tasks are also drawn to be some points of problems.  Political roles or implications are seriously responsible for chaos and injustices issues. The core problems arise from law policies and administration are seen well here in the writing. Feminism cultures and policies determine fundamental concern relating to principal areas of functions in the country.  Poor people are entrapped and victimized by many loopholes of laws and disparate abuses and misuse of power have been pointed out .




Recommendations for this study for betterment in society are crucial and ways for salvation for mankind and humanity. It is recommended for following some guidance , theses are as public awareness of the hidden situations, unity among the male groups, this  study can be used for supports, control emotion of sex, love, do not demean your status for love,    injustice cures injustice ,  tit for tat, inform  the media of any injustice to you,  fatherly loving  affection and emotion to be checked, traps for sex uses to be tackled,  vague  & hoax terms such as human rights, equal rights, women rights  to be specific and  meaningful, no marriage unless age 35 / 40 , no   baby until another 3 years to judge wife’s loyalty, no use of reference to religion to care and support wife’s burden,  no security money as  woman are equal,  record  evidence  in writing of love, sex act, do not trust a woman until judging all about her, don’t show her your real income, asset and account, examine her body and the past if she has any diseases or mania before marriage or love.  





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